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A Message From Our Principal


Tiffany Etienne, Principal

Dear Gator Family,


Welcome to Beau Chêne High School!  I want you to know right away that you are an important part of our school community.  As a former Beau Chêne student myself, I am absolutely thrilled and privileged to serve as not only your Principal, but the keeper of our school's legacy and traditions.  As such, I focus my leadership on creating a positive, safe, and inclusive learning environment where everyone can maximize their potential and become the best possible version of themselves.


Beau Chêne is a truly great school with so much to offer its students - and its communities.  Please take the time to explore our website.  You'll find that from academics and organizations to athletics and events, there is certainly something for everyone here!


Additionally, I urge you to get involved as a student on our campus.  Join a club or organization on our campus - we have so many!  Participate in a sport...or two...or three!  Take the time to get to know your classmates.  Learn to expect respect, and always be considerate and learn from the diverse opinions of others.


My administrative team and I are committed to helping you achieve all of this - and more!  We're also here to help with the obstacles along the way.  It's our job to help you embrace, reflect on, and utilize your high school experiences to help you be successful in your future.


Best wishes and GEAUX GATORS!

Tiffany Etienne

Tiffany Etienne, M.Ed.

Principal, Beau Chêne High School