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Construction of Beau Chêne
Beau Chêne (French for "Beautiful Oak") High School is a public, rural Louisiana high school located in southeastern St. Landry Parish between the communities of Grand Coteau and Arnaudville, approximately 16 miles north of the city of Lafayette.  The school serves the communities of Arnaudville, Cankton, Grand Coteau, Leonville, and Sunset.
In 1986 - after years of conceptual planning and development, the St. Landry Parish School Board officially approved a plan for the construction of three new high schools in an effort to consolidate the parish's numerous small, rural high schools.  The site selected for what was, at that time, known as Southeastern High School, featured several large, centuries-old live oak trees, which would later serve as the inspiration for the school's eventual name change.
In 1989, construction began in earnest on the district's three new consolidated schools:  North Central High, Northwest High, and Southeastern High.  The largest of the three - Southeastern High - would merge the high schools of Leonville, Arnaudville, and Sunset.  The school's name, while geographically accurate, was widely disliked among the various stakeholders within the respective communities, and in May of 1990 - roughly a year after construction had begun - the St. Landry Parish School Board officially approved a request to change the school's name to Beau Chêne High School.  The new name served as a respectful nod to both the majestic live oak trees that dotted the future campus and the area's Cajun-French heritage.
Finally, on August 19th, 1991, Beau Chêne officially opened its doors for classes, representing a long-awaited leap forward for the school district and the first step in a new relationship for the communities it connected.  The school's first principal, Ronnie Daigle, would later officiate the dedication of the school on September 6th, 1991.
     • Ronnie Daigle (1991 - 1995)
     • J. Larry Stelly (1995 - 2002)
     • Robert Lanclos (2002 - 2006)
     • A. Keith James (2006 - 2018)
     • Barbara Roberson (2018 - 2019)
     • Tiffany Etienne (2019 - present)
Beau Chêne High School, in accordance with the policies of the St. Landry Parish School Board, offers a wide variety of courses spread across multiple disciplines, each differing in complexity, to appropriately meet the individual needs and future endeavors of its students.  From collegiate-level preparatory classes to specific career-readiness training, our goal is provide students with those opportunities essential for success in 21st century society.
Beau Chêne High School is classified by the Louisiana High School Athletic Association as a Class 4-A school and, as such, competes in that division's athletic contests across designated districts.  The school provides participation in a wide range of sporting events throughout the school year, in addition to offering activities in cheerleading, dancing, and color guard drill teams.  
Extracurricular Activities:
In addition to its many academic and athletic programs, Beau Chêne offers a generous amount of on-campus clubs and organizations, each one sponsored by a dedicated member of our faculty.  These organizations are fully inclusive and are open to every one of our students who wish to join.
School Colors:
Navy Blue, Burnt Orange, and Gray
Alma Mater:
Come walk by my side through the doors of Beau Chêne High School
And our dear mem-ries we will recall
Gators strong and true - Orange and blue
We will never forget you.

Come walk by my side down the halls of Beau Chêne High School
As we enjoy our high school days
Teachers and friends - laughter and fun
One for all and all for one.

Beau Chêne High, hail to you
All together, friends old and new
Beau Chêne High, go big blue
Proudly we honor you.

Come walk by my side out the doors of Beau Chêne High School
Under the spreading live oak trees
Our old friend until the end
Dear alma mater, Beau Chêne High.
Fight Song:
Stand together, Beau Chêne Gators; we all cheer for you.
Fight on to victory, fame, and glory for the orange and blue.
Like majestic oak trees boldly reaching for the sky,
With pride and honor win it all for Beau Chêne High.